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Stereo Issue 4 / Remote Control
Art Publication from Holland

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STEREO is an international art publication that sets out to bring original collaborative work by upcoming artists. We met Arjen de Jong lats year at the CMYK Festival in Barcelona and he invited us to contribute to Stereo. The issue came out quite a while ago, but I jsut got hold of the publication now!
Check also the Website of Stereo.

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STEREO targets towards art-professionals (graphic designers, illustrators, artists, photographers, curators), anyone in art-education and anyone with a special interest in upcoming talent. Unique selling point is that most works presented are never before published and have been specifically made for each issue of STEREO.
On top of that a set of 3-5 original, limited editioned works are presented with the first 50 numbers of every publication. These may vary from silkscreen prints to small-scaled sculptures. Stereo combines eyepleasing with brainteasing. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

STEREO#4 has been given the theme ‘remote control’. As usual we asked participants to form collaborations and create a spread. Special attention was given to the workfield of new media critics. Stereo #4 features work by Magma Ka, Ine Poppe, Amy Armour, Sabine Niederer & Richard Rogers and many others. The Special Edition features the ‘couch buddy’ by Geeske de Graaff (a pouch to customize your remote control), and a special document by Nanda Smits & CrackRock that provides entry to an online world.

External designers were invited again to come up with an original layout concept. This time design duo Leon&Loes were put to work, and they came up with the idea to perceive this Stereo as manual for making itself. Humorous graphic manual elements were included but also a ‘source code’. This code is actually all the email communication that was needed to create this publication and it provides an open hearted look into the creation of this independent magazine. A typographic pun is the SRC on the cover; it refers both to ‘Source’ and ‘Stereo Remote Control’.

Stereo is published by the Stereo foundation and distributed by Veenman Publishers.
Stereo #4 is generously supported by Veenman drukkers, Rotterdam Dienst Kunst en Cultuur, and Leon&Loes.


Ingrid de Lugt + Casper Hoedemaekers
Nanna Koekoek + Jacco Ouwerkerk
Susana Laborde Fuentes + Santiago Taccetti
Peter Fuss + Anna Okrasko
Daddy Buy Me A Pony
Ine Poppe + Paulien Dresscher + Mike Huijsman
Nanda Smits + Erwin Thomasse
Luis Muñoz-Oliveira + Eduardo Thomas
Lars Harmsen + Ulrich Weiss + André Rösler + Christian Ernst (magma ka)
Robbert Ewers + Martin Offermans
Taco den outer + Michele Liu
Sauli Warmenhoven (+ sound loops by Taco den outer)
Amy Armourr + Carolien van den Akker
Sabine Niederer + Richard Rogers
Daniel Mora
Tibor Miklos
Joris van Ballegooijen + Paulina Szatanska
Segall M.
Geeske de Graaff
Arjen de Jong

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