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The World Tour started
Frankfurt-Madrid-Mexico City


This morning Recip and Holger picked us up at 5 in the morning and brought us to Frankfurt. The highway was covered of white, speed killing snow! First shot of the day was censored by security: Andrés attempt to take a picture of the x-ray machine, just to show what our equipment looks like from the inside (cameras, dvds, ipod, computers, james bond tools...). No food on the flight to Madrid...3 hungry men starving! The following 12 hours showed how it must feel beeing in jail: nothing to do, no bed, tired people every where. Christian got scolded for photographing the stewardess, the food was lousy, the seats a shame. But finally we reached Mexico City, took the metro (corwded... good practice for Tokyo) to our place in Colonia San Rafael, the Hotelito San Rafael. (Thanx Peter, good deal!). The owner Miguel Legaria talks german, english and spanish. He has two huge german shepards. Down in the street wonderful old cars, tacos, bars...and just a 20 minutes walk from the historic center. We'll discover that tomorrow!

I:day mexico webwebmexico4.jpg

I:day mexico webwebmexico1.jpg

I:day mexico webwebmexico2.jpg

I:day mexico webwebmexico3.jpg

I:day mexico webwebmexico5.jpg

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Re: The World Tour started

thanks for emil, andré

Posted by: karin koch at 13.03.2005 09:01

5 o`clock in the morning

you look like five o`clock in the morning guys.
i hope you are having a good time folks.
keep on rollin

Posted by: dee at 13.03.2005 14:40

Re: The World Tour started

yes guys, let´s rocking, I will keep an eye on u because I have two, good luck - cu andré

Posted by: Dieter Biegert at 13.03.2005 18:31

Re: The World Tour started

Hi guys!

Wish you a nice trip ... and a lot of great shots!

Best Regards,


Posted by: Pascal at 13.03.2005 21:12

Re: The World Tour started

You make the world a better place! Thanx for the music, André!

Posted by: Gigi at 14.03.2005 17:40

Re: The World Tour started

Ja Tach erstmal

Schön zu sehen wie ihr reist
Kam das leckere Essen im Flieger nach der Affäre mit der Stewardess oder vorher?
Say Hallo to Mechiko and the two german sheppards
(wie heißen die denn?)


Posted by: Lutz at 14.03.2005 19:35

Re: The World Tour started

Lars, you will never learn spelling my name correct , will you?

cheers guys

Posted by: recep at 15.03.2005 20:49

Re: The World Tour started

Have a good trip. Take care for the stewardesses. And stay away of all german shepards and their dogs. Are you listening to any special music? Everybody be cool.

Posted by: Vjeko at 15.03.2005 21:45

Re: The World Tour started

Recep, you´ll have to come to MXC and meet the guys from cyclos, peter and jacob! They rule this world!

Posted by: Lars at 16.03.2005 00:04

Re: The World Tour started

fixed? ;)

Posted by: recep at 16.03.2005 21:18

Re: The World Tour started

I trust in you

Posted by: Sigrid at 17.03.2005 16:28

Re: The World Tour started

tach ihr wahnsinnigen.
dann, christian, dat is fuer dich,
schau mal schoen dast der bomber oben bleibt!hahaha.
viel spaß, vor allem in tokyo....und auch fuer dich herr ernst, keine schluepfer aus dem automaten ziehen, gell.

auf jeden fall...viel spass.
ich bin in madrid, lecker arbeiten mit david...auch was, ne!hahaha, herr harms

cheers, hochachtungsvoll
der sven

Posted by: sven hoffmann at 17.03.2005 21:32

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