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Opening of the Exposition

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We are back in Germany. Yesterday we left the hotel at 7 o´clock in the morning, we went to bed at five. The plane arrived at 12:20, I was in office around 2:00 in the afternoon. Europe melted to something so small...and very big. These 4 days and nights in Barcelona have just been BIG!

On Tuesday ACTAR (actually Ramon is teaching there) invited us to have a lecture at the Elisava design school, showing our project to the master-class of design. The class has some "bastards" (students come from all over the world). Most studens came the next day to the opening of the exposition.

We felt gratefull for all those people who came to see our work. And we loved to see Ramon, Anna, Albert, Dolors, Rein and all the others from ACTAR - opening their hearts and showing us their respect for our work, trusting in our ideas and our design. It was fun to built up the exposition with the help of Gaby and Leonora. We where very thankfull to see Sudabeh Mohafez, one of the authors of the book, to read the first part of the storry STONE QUARRY. We where happy to see Rüdiger John who wrote the introduction to our book.

A lot of friends from all over the world came along: Arjen from STEREO in Holland came and offered us the latest issue of his fantastic magazine; Paadin from the Design Studio Lamosca; on the way from the airport Gerona to Barcelona my cousin Ulrike (I haven´t seen here for over 20 years!) recognized me and came along for the opening; Escobas from the FAKIR-Artist Group from Mexico-City came unfortunately to late, but I am sure he saw the expo today; Sandra from Zürich was there as well as Aurelia and a lot of other friends.

A very intense moment. Thanks to all of you! You made our world shrink to something big.

Doctor Dou, 10
08001 Barcelona Spain
Tel. +34 93 412 71 99
tue-sat 13:00 - 21:00



Students at our presentation


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Making a choice



Christian, Rüdiger, Gaby, Leonora, Lars, Sudabeh, André


André at Work

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André the Artist, signing.









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Diese Mails sind Öl auf unserer Seele!!!

Thank you very much for your entusiasm and talent. And congratulations for the result, a great book!!!
Hi Lars,
You all made a very good presentation on Wednesday and I think that the
show is very successful. And Sudabeh was impressive.
My best,
Hi Lars,
we are also very happy and satisified  with the book and expo. It looks great! 
Thanks Lars - we also really enjoyed working with you guys! The Bastard Project is fantastic. After learning so much about it and all of your work this week I look forward to seeing how the Bastard concept evolves. I hope you got a little bit of sleep on wednesday night! It looked like you might be drinking all night when I left you! After four hours sleep I was not very coherent during my interview at 10 am on thursday morning - and as for the portrait arghhhhh! Hee hee hee, but no matter it was all great fun. Best wishes for all your future projects and maybe we'll see you again in Milan!
Hasta luego
Leonora x

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Re: Opening of the Exposition


congratulations... felicitaciones!!!!

the book is on the air.... i know that feeling!!!... i am a chilean designer, few years ago i have an openning in bcn, in the FAD, very close from RAS, and i know how you feel!

its great. i hope, someday we will see bastard proyect in chile, or maybe i find it in a strange country... a bastard country!

keep in touch!... cheeers!!!

Posted by: duenas/e23 at 26.03.2006 09:44

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