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Book is beeing finished soon
Auhtors and Typedesigners

The design of the book is almost finished. We are happy to announce that a bunch of typedsigners and authors contributed to this project. In the following weeks we will present brand new fonts, extracts from the book and informations about print, pormotion etc.

typedesigners: Boris Kahl, Christoph Rankers, Christoph Seiler, Dan Reynolds, David Hubner, Escobas, Heinrich Lischka, Ingo Krepinsky, L. Harmsen, U. Weiß, N. Renger
Lars Harmsen, Henry Roussier, Matthias Kantereit, Martina Hartmann, Michel M., Paul Hoppe, Peter Brugger, René Verkaart, Sandra Hofacker, Sirkka Hammer, Stefan Claudius, Thomas Mettendorf

authors:László Csiba, Radek Knapp, Sudabeh Mohafez, José F.A. Oliver, Selim Özdogan, Ilija Marinow Trojanow. And guest-author Rüdiger John.

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