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Cabin-Crew and Future Dreams
People and Buildings


Dubai wanted a landmark to rival the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Opera House. The UK-based architects WS Atkins & Partners built the Burj al Arab and it became Dubai´s icon. We haven´t been inside, but everything that looks gold is gold...the costs of the building has never been revealed.

Its just the beginning of what will be in a few years one of the biggest cities of the world. Huge advertising panels show already what dubai is going to look like in a few years.

Natalie's friends come from all over the world. And when asking them, where they feel at home almost all of them say "not Dubai!". dubai is very artificial: the shopping malls look american, the hotels are disney-like, the historic part of Dubai is to young to look really old. Most of the cabin-crew hang around and have parties just in their flats. Until the next flight.

C:WINDOWSDesktopDubai 2Delphin.jpg

C:WINDOWSDesktopDubai 2Vision.jpg
Visions of the future

C:WINDOWSDesktopDubai 2BEACHBOY1.jpg
On one of Dubais beaches

C:WINDOWSDesktopDubai 2	eeny1.jpg

C:WINDOWSDesktopDubai 2<br />
Natalie,thank you so much. Stay so happy!

C:WINDOWSDesktopDubai 2eduinenuns1.jpg
The 3 bastards. We are flying home today...

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Re: Cabin-Crew and Future Dreams

Nice SCHNAUZER uncle Kurdi!!!!!
Nice journey Home!!
Greetings Kater

Posted by: Kater at 02.04.2005 12:51

Guten Heimweg!

Ja dann hoffe ich auf ´ne gute Rückkehr der 3 Reisebastards
mit dem Schädel voller Impressionen,
die bald etwas Zeit haben verarbeitet zu werden,
wenn alles wieder beim Döner und Bier sein wird.

bis denn

Posted by: Benni at 02.04.2005 15:31

Re: Cabin-Crew and Future Dreams

oooch - was schon vorbei?

wie schade habe mich schon so daran gewöhnt...der täglcihe bastardflasch wird fehlen....

;o( su.

Posted by: susn at 02.04.2005 18:03

Re: Cabin-Crew and Future Dreams

Der tägliche Bastard-Flash geht weiter! Hier kann genau verfolgt werden, wie das Buch entsteht.

Posted by: Boris at 02.04.2005 18:56

Re: Cabin-Crew and Future Dreams

It was great having you guys over.
Hope to see you very soon
All the best

Posted by: Nathalie at 04.04.2005 21:35

Re: Cabin-Crew and Future Dreams

To all of you: thanx for helping us dicovering all those cities, meeting nice people.
The world-tour enriched our spirit and body.
I´ll try to post as often as possible...

Lars, André and Christian

Posted by: lars at 05.04.2005 12:46

Re: Cabin-Crew and Future Dreams

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Posted by: mutlucanbolat at 11.11.2005 01:23

Re: Cabin-Crew and Future Dreams

im barber her in abu dhabi wanted new jab please please help my mobile 050 2364603 im from turkey thankyou 1 million time

Posted by: mutlucanbolat at 11.11.2005 01:26

Projects for Dubai !!!!!

Attention Dubai !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have got a large number of projects, if implemented in dubai, can work wonders in this part of the globe.After implementing these projects , Dubai can even challenge Las Vegas or New York, in terms of city infrastructure and scenic beauty. Also,there are projects through which we can generate huge amount of profits in the International market.Anyone interested in starting a new venture,and have amble capital,please contact me... i will be obliged to help you.

Posted by: Saahil Mohammed at 21.12.2005 15:18

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