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Skyscrapers and Souks
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Natalie, our lovely french scout and Dubai-guide came here to work as Emirate Airlines cabin crew. She started travel by here own at the tender age of nine, stayed three month in Hong Kong when she was twelve. As soon as she has more than 4 days off, she jumps into a plane to discover a new place. Dubai is an ideal home-base for such a life, as it is just in-between east and west.

That might be one of the secrets why this city is growing so fast: approx. 10 million people live here. But only 3.000 are originally from Dubai. All the others are foreigners. Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities of the world. It takes less than half a year to built an over 50 level skyscraper. Most of those new buildings full of glass look horrible.

Every thing has to be higher, longer, bigger than in any other place of the world. Natalie is living in the highest residential building of the world (The 21 Century Tower has 53 levels and a swimming pool on its roof). Just close to it will open soon the world biggest indoor ski resort. Imagine the energy needed to cool down something so big. Summer temperatures easily climb up to 50°! But it shouldn't be a problem, gasoline costs as much as water: 25 cent per liter! Nice place to drive fat cars.

While most traditions are less strict than in Saudi Arabia, a lot of things are still forbidden: sex and drugs and rock´n´roll are absolute no-noes! Jail here is full with foreigners! So people live in a traditional way and modernism is shown more by material things than in personal expression.

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