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Markets and High-towers
Tradition and Future


Eastern. And we saw a group of christians beating the hell out of "Jesus" shouting at him "you bastard, you bastard". 10% of the Chinese population are christians. That are 120 millions!
People here not only believe in God but also in traditional medicine. All kind of mushrooms, horns, roots, dried animals, plants and whatever mother nature gave us is sold in the markets of HK. A Chinese proverb says that people eat every thing where the back looks to the sky. People just trust in both tradition and future! We have seen no other place yet were both worlds live in such a contrast and harmony. Bastard is Hong Kong and vice versa.
Another funny story: the population of HK is the most dense of the World. Approx. 7 million people live here, 8 million cell phones are registered.
We met John and later in the evening Tinka, had dinner...and went to bed again at 2 in the morning...

Medecine market

Hong Kong style


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