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World tour is set
6 megacities in 3 weeks

Our World Tour is set: from 12.3. till 2.4. 2005 we'll be rocking trough the 6 Megacities:
12.3. Mexico City
16.3. L.A.
21.3. Tokyo
23.3. HongKong
26.3. Bangkog
30.3. Dubai
2.4. Frankfurt.
We'll meet a lot of designers, typographers, artist and crazy people. Join us on our daily report during the tour with first impressions, illustrations and images.

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Re: World tour is set

gute reise
sebastian und yvonne
gruesse an die bastards da draussen und in euch drin

Posted by: Sebastian Hungerer at 11.03.2005 13:41

sex crime and architecture

Ihr da draussen in der Welt, wo sind die INFOS?
Wir dürsten nach WILD LIFE!

Posted by: Tanja und Stefan at 12.03.2005 23:59

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